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Where is the check in/out location?

The check in/out location for all reservations is in Tulum town. 

Can I drop the van off at a different location to where I picked it up from?

Unfortunately we do not have this service available. YET!

What does the VanBalam come with?

Our campervans are equipped with everything a traveler needs. ALL campervans include: a bed for two people, soft and comfy linen (sheets, blanket and towels), a solar panel/leisure battery for interior lighting and charging gadgets, a mirror, a kitchen complete with gas stove, ice box and utensils, fold up chairs, plenty of storage space and full door mosquito nets with curtains. SOME campervans have a sink with running water, air conditioning (while connected to an exterior electricity source), gas/electric fridge, fold up table and a safe. 

Do the campervans have on-board toilets?

No. They do not have onboard toilets due to the compact size of the vehicles. All of the campsites that we recommend have restroom facilites. 

Can we take rented equipment such as snorkel gear/ kitesurfing equipment/guitar/on the road trip?

Yes, you can.

How many people can travel in the campervan?

Up to 3. The beds inside the campers are matrimonial/ queen sized beds. The Pop-Up camper has a queen sized be and a smaller sofa style bed too for those who travel with a child. 

How much gasoline/diesel do the campervans consume and how much is the cost of fuel in Mexico?

Our diesel campervans are the most fuel efficient. With around 900-1100kms per tank. The gasoline campervan does around 500-600kms per tank. The cost of gasoline today (3rd Feb. 2020) is 19.5 pesos per litre. And diesel is 21.3 pesos per litre. 

Do you offer kiteboarding classes?

We are certified IKO kiteboarding instructors and offer private/group classes in Tulum which include certification to the level you get to. We offer 50% discounted on rates for our VanBalam clients. Ask about our campervan kite camps that include road trips in campervan, kite classes, guided secret spot visits, food, drinks, yoga, music jams and good vibes!

Is there a limit to the amount of kilometers that we can drive?

There is no limit to the amount of kms that you drive on your road trip.

Where can we go with van?

Some of our campervans are able to road trip all of Mexico. While other campervans are restricted to the states of Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche (These 3 states make up the entire Yucatan Peninsula). No campervan can be taken outside of Mexico. 

Can both occupants drive the vehicle? Do we need a special license?

Yes, as long as both occupants have valid driving licenses, they may drive the van. There is no extra charge. Copies of the driving licenses and passports are required when filling in the online check in form. You do not need international driving licenses to drive in Mexico. 

How do we pay for the reservation?

Simple. Once you have confirmed the reservation, we will email you an invoice to pay the 20% deposit (of the total) on our secure online booking system with your credit/debit card. 

How do I reserve?

Contact us with the dates you require and any questions, and we´ll send you the quote, answers and deposit information within 24 hours. If you prefer to talk by phone, feel free to call us (via WhatsApp) on +5219842020393. Office hours are from 8am-9pm daily. 

Can I park the van anywhere?

We always recommend that you to park and sleep at the recommended campsites on the map. However, you can park in any public parking place. Always check that the parking space is public. If you’re not sure, ask a local. IMPORTANT: Please do not park on the beach road in Tulum´s hotel zone (even if you see that others have). You will be towed. Always use the car parks on this road.

Does the van include insurance?

The campervan includes a comprehensive insurance policy. Should the policy be activated, the client is liable for any excess fees. All incidents should be reported to the VanBalam team first.

What documentation do I need to show if pulled over by the police?

You need to show the vehicle circulation card (tarjeta de circulación) located in the plastic folder in the glove box and your valid driving license. If an infraction is given to you, you are responsible for paying the infraction to the authorities before you check out. We can help you with determining what needs to be done. 

Do the campervans have air conditioning?

All campervans have AC in the cabin while the engine is running. We have one campervan which has AC in the rear part. But it must be connected to an exterior electricity source (using the extension cable provided). The other campervans do not have air conditioning in the back. Instead, they have full mosquito nets (for the side and back door) and a 12v fan that is connected to the solar power controller. 

What happens if I puncture a tire?

There is a quick fix can for small punctures which you can use to seal the hole and inflate the tire. This will be good enough until you find a “vulcanizadora” (tire repair station) which are very common on main roads in all areas of Mexico. The cost of repair should be no more than 200 MXN. The van also comes with a spare tire, jack and tools for a complete tire change in the moment. 

What happens if I breakdown in a remote area?

The insurance policy includes roadside assistance and towing. You will need to contact us and we will help you with getting that service. Our vans are equipped with a GPS so we are able to track the vehicle if you have no cellphone coverage. 

Should I activate a roaming cellphone package while traveling?

ABSOLUTELY YES! We appreciate the need to disconnect but our secret sauce is in the WhatsApp group while you are on the road. All members of our team will be in the group and on standby to recommend you epics places to visit. Just a message away. It is also essential for organizing your check-in/out and we will give you amazing tips and recommendations while you road trip. We recommend that you contract a roaming package for Mexico when traveling. Or buy a Mexican SIM card for your phone. The cellphone coverage with Telcel is very good. In most towns and cities there is 4G coverage. 

Are the any safety and security issues that we should address?

We advise just to be streetwise and use common sense. Thieves are operating all around the world. We advise that you refrain from opening up all the doors when in busy public places like supermarket carparks. Always leave valuables well hidden/in the safe. If you want to leave any valuables with us, feel free to do so but just remember to pick them up at the check out!

How do I fill up the DIESEL tank?

At the gas stations look for the BLACK colored DIESEL pump. Do not use the red or green pumps (they are regular gasoline pumps). Make sure the gas station attendant shows you that the meter is in “0´s” before starting and when handing him the money, make sure you are clear about the amount given to him. Gas station attendants sometimes (very rare but this does happen) try to trick tourists by saying that a different valued note was given to them. If the attendant cleans your windscreen and checks tires pressure, a tip of 10-20 pesos is fine.

Can I extend the duration of my road trip? What do I need to do?

Providing that there is availability, of course you can. We will adjust the quote for you and you can pay the difference at the check-in or check-out (if you´re already on the road). Should your campervan be unavailable for a rental extension, we may be able to offer a different vehicle which means that you will have to switch them over at our office in Tulum.

Should we fill up any mechanical fluids while in the gas station?

No, the van is fully serviced and maintained. The only liquid that you can check is the window washer fluid as it used during the road trip. 

Can I charge my electronic devices (computer, speaker, iPad, etc) in the campervan?

Yes, you can. The output is 120V. Our campervans have USB charge ports/plug sockets in the rear part of the vehicle (while the engine is off) and front part (while the engine is on). 

Can we pick up the campervan in Cancun

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service. 

Why is the price of the campervans not on the website?

Our rates vary during the time of year and the duration of the rental. We do REALLY TASTY discounts for longer rentals! Our short term rental rates are the most competitive in the market. We have the best and most equipped campers at the cheapest price. 

How do we get to Tulum from Cancun? And until what time can we check-in?

There are several ways to get to Tulum from Cancun (and back again). The most common way is the ADO bus. The bus picks up from Cancun Airport and drops off in Tulum town. Check the bus times before you arrive as they do not run 24 hrs. There are also direct shuttle services taxis. For those services do a google search before your trip as the prices vary depending on the time of year. 

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