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Meet the team

When two old friends and adrenaline junkies joined forces using their powers of exploration, hospitality and water sports, VanBalam: the PIONEERING Campervan Rental Company in Mexico, was born.

We have blended our love of nature, travel and water sports to offer our kindred spirits a camper van adventure experience that will never be forgotten! VanBalam offers you pimped up RV and campervans, equipment to rent and a specialized road trip map with an abundance of places to explore, stay and play.


Omid is a British/Persian mongrel who has been living in Mexico for 16 years. Coming from an art and design, customer service and leisure and tourism background, ended up travelling and falling in love with Mexico. He considers Mexico home with both of his sons being born there. He is the founder of a water sports / eco resort and is an IKO certified kiteboarding instructor.


Lut is from Cancun and has spent much of his life traveling the world, developing his water sports skills in kiteboarding, surfing, sailing, paddleboarding and diving. He´s come back to the Caribbean to create a dream project which incorporates all that he loves. He calmly but relentlessly mixes his engineering and tech skills with his entrepreneurial abilities and applies that to adventure travel in the place he grew up.

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