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VanBalam visits Nojoch Keej, endangered species animal sanctuary

At the beginning of March 2018 we were invited to participate in a fundraiser event at Tulum Art Club for a local animal sanctuary called Nojoch Keej (pronounced, Nohoch Keh) meaning “White Tailed Deer”. Some of our friends, who also work in ecotourism, supported the event and spoke very highly of the project and the

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Cenote & Archaeological Zone of Yaxuna

If you are looking for an archaeological site far away from tourists and experience the calmness of being on top of a pyramid, Yaxunah is for you. If you come from Pisté, you should deviate 15 km towards the south until find this sign: Admission costs between 30-50 MXN. It is operated by the “ejidatarios”

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