The word cenote comes from the Mayan word “D’zonot”, which means “cavern with water”. Cenotes are formed due to the disintegration and collapse of rock, followed by the birth of stalactites and stalagmites.

Cenote Angelita
Cenote Angelita

There are several types of cenotes:

  1. “Sinkhole” cenote
  2. Cave/cavern cenote
  3. “Jug-shape” cenote
  4. Vertical wall cenote
Cenote Kaan Luum
Cenote Kaan Luum

Here we present a guide to cenotes of the area surrounding Tulum to use for your next trip in the campervan. The wonder of exploring them in a camper van is that, in some of them, you are able to sleep right on the water’s edge. Be the first and last to enter the water!

Cenote Manati
Cenote Manati

All these cenotes are a maximum of 50 km distance from Tulum, and most of them, less than 20 km. With this guide you will be able to visit at least a couple per day. It is an ideal reference for a refreshing oasis dip after a jungle tour or walk through the ruins, wherever you are in the Yucatan.

Click on the image to enlarge it and see the list in detail.
Open to the public with limited services:

  1. Angelita
  2. AK Tulum
  3. Caracol
  4. Nohoch Nah Chic
  5. Lunas y sombras
  6. La Bonita
  7. Celestial
  8. Sac Tuun
  9. Yax Mul2
  10. Yax Mul3
  11. Yax Mul4
  12. Xel Ha2
  13. Xel Ha3
  14. Chemuyil
  15. Xunan Ha
  16. Yalku Caleta
  17. Santa Cruz

Cenotes open to the public that have services:

  1. Kaan Lum
  2. Cristal (Naharon)
  3. Escondido
  4. Calavera
  5. Naval
  6. Gran Cenote
  7. Aktun Ha/Carwash
  8. Zacil Ha
  9. Va a Ha
  10. Cenote tortuga
  11. Yaxchen
  12. Encantado
  13. Kape Ha
  14. Tercer cielo
  15. Cenote caleta Tankah
  16. Casa cenote/Manatí
  17. Casa tortuga (cenote Campana, cenote Wisho, cenote Tres Zapotes)
  18. Selva Maya
  19. Lab Na Ha
  20. Yax Mul
  21. Yax Kin/Nohoch Kin
  22. Tal Be Ha
  23. Dream Gate
  24. Tak Be Lum
  25. Cenote Gloria
  26. Cenote at the Archaeological Zone of Xelha
  27. Jaguar
  28. Ni te Ha (Cenote Mitzi’s Ha)
  29. Dos Ojos
  30. Dos Palmas
  31. Misterio maya
  32. El Pit
  33. Sac Actún Región
  34. Xcacel
  35. Parque Aventuras Mayas
  36. Aktun Chen
  37. Media Luna
  38. Balam Aktun
  39. Uxuxubi
  40. Corazón del paraíso
  41. Tan Kach
  42. Choo Ha
    Cenote Aktun Chen
    Cenote Aktun Chen

So, what do you think? More than 50 cenotes a few minutes from Tulum. And to think that you have all this in the Yucatan Peninsula to explore aboard a campervan, RV or motor home.
Remember that you can combine this guide with the iOverlander application to find places to park the campervan and sleep. Onboard the van you will find this and other guides to make your trip more awesome!

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  • Avoid weekends in the most popular cenotes such as Gran Cenote, Kaan Luum and, in general, those closest to Tulum.
  • Do not use sunscreen, oily skin products or insect repellent before entering the water.
  • ALWAYS take your garbage. And if you can, pick up some that others have missed.

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