Now that the 2018 World Cup in Russia is in the knockout stages the pressure is ON! Travelers and locals in Tulum are gathering at the most vibrant places for good vibes, and a mini stadium feel, to watch the games.

We have compiled our top 5 places to watch World Cup matches..

1) Palma Central: Food Truck Park

This is our favourite spot to watch the games. A large patio garden with several food trucks offering different types of food and a bar with some of the best bar staff in town. It´s affordable, friendly and there´s always good vibes. A true local place to hang out and watch the games. There´s a kids park too, leaving parents to shout and chant freely with others! Ask Memo and Jorge for their tropical fruit mezcal cocktails!

2) The Weary Traveler Hostel

The weary traveler is a great place to watch the game and get passionate with travelers and locals! There´s always a mix of nationalities in the World Cup room, good vibes and fair priced beverages.

3) El Capitan Restaurante

El Capitan is located on the road from town to the beach. It´s got a great vibe during the World Cup games and is popular for seafood. Avoid the fish ceviche as they use farmed sea bass imported from east asia.

4) Humo

Humo is a photographer´s dream! It has a beautiful bamboo structure, comfy cushions to lounge on, deliciously wholesome menu and a garden for those who want to be basking in the sun. There´s been a real nice vibe there during the games. Highly recommended!

5) El Milagrito

El milagrito is a restaurant/bar palapa located on the party street (Calle Centauro Sur) in Tulum town. They have a couple of decent sized screens, food is good, plus they´re mezcal specialists! There´s always folk watching the games there so get there a little earlier to get a well positioned table.


Cheers to all the fans who have lit up this awesome event with passion, humour, tears and celebrations! And cheers to the establishments who have gone out of their way to create a special vibe for the games!

It´s been a cracker!

Good luck to the remaining teams and fans!

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