A trip begins to take shape when we start to manifest a dream that brims with breathtaking places that have been inspired by travel magazines, guides, documentaries and social media content. The next step is to create an itinerary to incorporate them.  With so much information available, you can start planning way ahead of time. We recommend the following tools to aid you in converting a dream to an experience.

  1. iOverlander: This app is FULL of data fed by an international community of campervan/RV travelers. With this app you can find those hidden spots that the masses are unaware of. It is free for Apple and Android (and it works offline!) iOverlanddownload.png   download play store.png
  2. WikiOverland Mexico: The bible for travelers on wheels. An extract of recommendations and preparations to enter, travel and leave Mexico. Although once you enter, I doubt you’ll want to leave the country!
  3. Lonely Planet Mexico:  A classic travel guide. In this book you will find tips to discover places to camp, restaurants and activities throughout Mexico. Make sure you get the latest version.

    Lonely Planet Mexico Travel Guide
    Lonely Planet Mexico (travel Guide) by Lonely Planet, John Noble, Kate Armstrong, Stuart … From $16.07 on Amazon
  4. Don´t Go There. It´s Not Safe. You´ll Die: For those who want to go further, this guide covers Mexico and Central America. Includes 11 chapters of information to plan your trip and 9 chapters on what to expect while driving.Don't Go There. It's Not Safe. You'll Die

What other books would you recommend?

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