March 2018

Playa del Carmen is renowned for being an bustling party city. It is, but there are many hidden places of interest to discover. Just 15 minutes away from the 5th Avenue and on the edge of the city lies the settlement of the Temple of the Goddesses.


A community that loves nature and lives in harmony with it. Where the sense of sharing and loving one’s neighbor is breathed into the environment. Residents and travelers from places like France, Slovakia, Mexico, Colombia, Canada and many other countries come together to learn and share teach their talents.

They have events and workshops on bioconstruction, circus / acrobatics, alternative therapies, healing cuisine, dance and music. To find out about their events, we suggest you check their facebook page.

The “NosAmo” collective reactivated this space a couple of months ago. Their mission is to offer an alternative way of life experience.

The hostel and camping area allow you to enjoy a night in the jungle. There is enough space and privacy for everyone. If you come in the VanBalam campervan, you can shelter under the shade of trees. The price of the camping is $100 pesos per person and a breakfast is $30 pesos (fruit) and $ 30 pesos (eggs with vegetables). As you can see the prices are very accessible.

In addition, the entrance to the campsite includes a visit to the cenotes. If you like climbing, they are perfect for bouldering. We started a climbing route which we be completed soon. It is a challenge to climb in the caves but it´s definitely worth trying!

Curious Pau by the wood oven (which pays homage to the woman). Those who stayed for the feast spoke of how delicious it was! I missed it!


To get there:

We suggest you contact them through the FB page of collective NosAmo or with Gaia Veranti +573112873943

You must follow the instructions to this point. There is a security booth and they will put you in touch with NosAmo. We suggest you call in advance.

Keep Exploring!


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