If you are looking for an archaeological site far away from tourists and experience the calmness of being on top of a pyramid, Yaxunah is for you.

If you come from Pisté, you should deviate 15 km towards the south until find this sign:

Admission costs between 30-50 MXN. It is operated by the “ejidatarios” of the area. You can climb the pyramids. Be careful with a plant that irritates, they call it “pica pica”. They are furry, seed pods. We saw many at the entrance, but further in, not so many.


The custodians (who look after the area) are flexible so maybe they will let you sleep on the site. Note that there are no toilets and the nearest city is Yaxunah, 1 km away. They told us that for around 70 MXN they will prepare a typical Mayan meal for you.

Here my good friend Luis playing an Andean flute on the top of a Mayan pyramid. Luis has a very special place in the village in X-Calakoop  where he shares a magical garden.

Once tired of climbing and descending pyramids, we recommend visiting the town of Yaxunah and a refreshing swim in the cenote.

The entrance to the cenote costs 30 MXN. Keep in mind that to enter you must descend down a vertical ladder or jump in from 6m. It´s worth it! The water is deep (about 15-25m).

In front of the cenote is a small museum and cultural center.

In the main square there is a workshop where they manufacture hammocks. You will be able to appreciate how a hammock is woven, and you can also buy one of these Yucatecan works of art. Hammocks vary in size, for 1, 2 or 3 people and range from approximately 600-1200 MXN. It is a very pleasant workshop and based on the principles of fair trade.

Go ahead and explore!



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