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Have you ever just wanted to visit a load of places and do a ton of activities in such a rich and diverse place such as Mexico? But you have heard the same old bad press in the mainstream “news” and not sure whether to go? Or where? Unsure of where to stay or what to do? And you don't want to miss anything magical between places? You don't know which car rental company will give you the best deal and refrain from those irritating surprise charges upon your arrival? You want to avoid the crowds but not sure how to do it? You have no idea which kiteschool to do your course with or which dive shop will give you the best value for money? Or which archaeological sites are really that worth visiting?

Well, you have come to EXACTLY the right place to resolve all those questions and set you free on your EPIC Mexican campervan adventure! ALL IN ONE PLACE.

Do it your way
Roll up in your RV at pristine Caribbean beaches, cenotes, lagoons, wildlife reserves, archaeological sites, jungle hideaways and more.
Our camper vans are equipped with everything an RV traveler needs: a sofa bed, kitchen, sink, a gravity shower, interior lighting, full door mosquito nets and curtains, a cool box for food and drinks... and more!
Add activities like kiteboarding, paddle-boarding, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, archaeological site visits and wildlife observation. We also have courses available!

Our clients ALWAYS come back buzzing

Slightly hairier of course but ALWAYS stoked! This is the most satisfying, fun and safe way to travel in Mexico. Do not settle for anything less!
Get real tips, advice and insights from experienced locals and travelers and use our campervans to roll up at pristine Caribbean beaches, cenotes, lagoons, world class kiteboarding and dive spots, wildlife reserves, archaeological sites, jungle hideaways and more.

Remember...Travel IS the only thing that makes you richer.

Drive anywhere in Mexico

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